brightening images with image magick

p>I took a ton of pictures at a show, and then I had a lot of these that were way too dark. I try not to use a flash when I shoot a band- because it”s annoying- and it simply doesn”t look as interesting.

My pics were too dark, I don”t want to go one by one and make them brighter in the gimp. So..
In comes imagemagick, using casino online mogrify (which changes images in place, erasing the original) or convert (makes changes to a copy of the file, leaving original intact).

What we are interested in here is the -modulate flag.

Here”s a quick example, this uses mogrify- so it changes the pictures in place, erasing originals;

$ mogrify -modulate 190,80 -contrast images*jpg

Modulate takes three commad-delimited arguments, each is a percentage. The first argument is brightness, then saturation, then hue.
So if you want your image twice as bright and half as saturated you would run this command:

$ mogrify -modulate 200,50 image1.jpg

Yes, this is cpu intensive. Yes, this is a million light years ahead of editing by hand.
Yes, this erases originals.. so… let”s make a backup before we do the crazy..

mkdir /tmp/backup_images
cp ./*.??? /tmp/backup_images/
mogrify -modulate 190,80,90 ./*.???


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