facebook review pros and cons

I think I may have an interesting take on the system.
I am a developer- but also I am an artist.
I”ve been using facebook for a few months now.
I use fb to keep in touch with friends- and to help organize and promote my arts organization.

I am a member of gone studio, a small group of people in the creative arts scene.
We make heavy use of fb. We depend on it to promote and present our rock shows and art openings to the world.

Fb does have drawbacks, as I am realizing.

There are discourses on why fb is bad for you, in regards to privacy. I don”t care about my privacy very much here- most of what they want is to sell me things. I don”t mind.
There *are* other things that concern me, that is what I am hoping to highlight here.

I don”t know very much about this, I am going to collect information about this.

Places arguing about fb privacy issues. This is not hard to find;

Now, I am much more interested in non-privacy issues.

My #1 concern; Facebook is a closed network.

What do I mean casino online by that?
That you need a login to access the information. Any information that any db members display.
That means that all information you put into fb, stays in fb. It cannot be accessed by casual web surfers. Also, it cannot be accessed by external software, especially not without the use of a browser. That pretty much shoots it up for my intents- scripting.

I do not want to demand that my web audience have a fb login to access my fb information.
That”s impossible. Because FB wants to make it so everybody needs a login to access that info.

By contrast, look at google calendars. You do need an a google account to manage a calendar.
But you do not need a google account to see someone else”s calendar.

Right now, my small group depends on fb to organize and coordinate events.
If we used google calendars, we can simply display that information to all- as we do.
What if I wanted to list all events posted on fb on our site? That cannot be done.
What if I wanted to show people a gallery of pictures of one of our events- show the pictures posted on fb to other people? Unless they are logged into fb- they cannot see the content. I could build a script to break into fb and mine data- but this is not supported by their “api”, and furthermore it is a violation of their terms of service. ( This is where I must brag that when I”ve scraped (i tend to call it reaping), I use random and timed calls- just because I don”t want to be detected. I”d rather let my scrape take an hour insteda of fifteen seconds. It”s still better than five weeks by human hands. By the way, I don”t scrape anymore. )

This is the danger of depending on facebook to do anything else but keep in touch with your friends.