how to remove hard coded subtitles from movie

$ mplayer  FlashGordon1980.avi -vf delogo=40:235:450:50:1

This mplayer video filter (-vf) will blur a section of the screen. The first two numbers are the x and y coordinates for where to start the rectangle (the horizontonal, and vertical coordinates within the screen). The next two numbers are the width and height, the last number is the blur at the edge of the stated rectangle.

What I noticed at first is that it was hard to find where I was placing the rectangle when I started playing the movie. You should start by placing the box at the top, and moving it around, and use a -1 for the last value.. So.. to *start* … run this command..

$ mplayer  FlashGordon1980.avi -vf delogo=10:10:400:50:-1

This places a blurry rectangle accross your screen with a green border. Move it around by changing the first two values. When you know where you want it, make the last value be a positive integer.. such as..

$ mplayer  FlashGordon1980.avi -vf delogo=40:235:450:50:1

To see more.. try ‘man mplayer’ and search for \delogo..

              Suppresses  a  TV  station  logo  by a simple interpolation of the surrounding pixels.  
              Just set a rectangle covering the logo and watch it disappear (and sometimes
              something even uglier appear - your mileage may vary).
                      top left corner of the logo
                      width and height of the cleared rectangle
                 t   Thickness of the fuzzy edge of the rectangle (added to w and h).  
                     When set to -1, a green rectangle is drawn on the screen to  simplify  finding  the  right
                     x,y,w,h parameters.


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