How to use your iPhone hot spot over USB with Ubuntu Linux

So I use my iPhone hotspot all the time. I used to simply set the hotspot over wifi.

But I learned how to get the hotspot to work over USB, possibly making it a bit faster, yeah? Since the data goes over cable not via wifi between phone and computer.

I use Ubuntu Linux.

  1. Make sure USB is disconnected between phone and computer.
  2. Make sure Personal Hotspot is off in phone.
  3. Plug in phone via usb to computer
  4. You should be prompted to ‘Trust’ the computer- do that, go ahead and select Trust the connection.
  5. Enable hotspot on the phone
  6. Now, under network management- where you select what connection you want, you should have a ‘wired connection’ option. Select that (it may auto connect also).
  7. Should soon read Networking Interface Connected to Wired Connection 1/2/etc.