Liste to da radio


Radio is a pretty mysterious and wonderful thing.

I”ve heard some beautiful things on the radio- I”ve been introduced to
beautiful things- such as the Magnetic Fields, the Wrens..

There are these .. Indie stations.. That is.. college music radio.

There are two kinds of radio stations that I personally find precious.
Indie music, and npr.


Npr”s sort of a network of stations all accross the country- funded by
listeners like you and me. No advertisements.
You can hear David Sedaris reading his latest work of “fiction”, the lastest
world news- etc. Incredible stuff. Cooking shows.. Why people are happy or
sad. Yup- that ecclectic.


I can think of a couple close to my heart.. Emmerson in Boston, and Princeton.
These stations have shows that are run by the latest most cutting edge
musicians in the world.
We all know how music becomes a revolution- at first some people get together
and play in your mom”s basement. Then they play at a friend”s house- then the
“band” gets a few members and moves to London or NY. Before David Jones was
David Bowie- wouldn”t it be cool to know such good stuff before it became
Now now.. I”ve heard a lot of bullshit about this.
I saw this site where people had posted complaints about the fact that
“Modest Mouse” was now commonplace. They were complaining that cheerleaders
and “jocks” were listening to that music- that it sucks.

What the fuck.
How fucking dare you? Really?
That”s like … Complaining that many people like choccolate and are able to
get a hold of it.
What a fucking jackass lowlife.

Get some balls- because this has got to be a case of intellectual insecurity.
Really? You need to be one of the few people who know and enjoy this piece
of culture?
That”s about the most selfish and disgusting things I”ve had the pleasure
and certainty to judge.

Why do you need to have things that are your own?
Why do you need to separate people?
Oh, I fucking get it. I do.
But it”s teenage shit- get over it.

Yes, this kinda shit is deep and intricate, and “they” don”t get it- The
Smiths, My Bloody Valentine, Joy Division, the Velvet Underground- yes.
So what”s the fucking problem?

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