Painting Clouds

So, I’ve got this crazy idea- these pictures I took years ago of lamp posts, I’m going to turn them into a small series of paintings.
But I realize I am going to have to learn to paint clouds.
But, Leo! You already know how to paint!
Now, now.. Let’s not forget the buddhist mind- to have beginner’s mind. So- I must learn.

I’ve been looking up some tutorials online on how to do this. And I want to share some of what I’ve found to be useful.

  • Tim Gagnon has a good tutorial. What I like about this video is that it’s slow. So he gives you a good idea of process. His material here is acrylic. Pay attention to his start off with a white underpainting to spread the coming layers- very interesting.
  • Wilson Bickford‘s demo is with oil paint. I don’t find his cloud demo to end up terribly interesting. But what I find precious are some of his pointers. For example, the physics of clouds and the sky, and how this changes from horizon towards the top of the sky.


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