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finding and downloading movies from nntp

This is a short tutorial on finding and downloading movies from newsgroups.

People find media via various means, some choices are/have been; napster, limewire, and now the popular torrents. A little more obscure is what I use, nntp, newsgroups. This is also referred to as usenet and newgroup binaries.

You will need a paid subscription to newgroup access, and a news reader.

  1. I get access via supernews.
  2. My newsreader of choice is pan.

You have two choices for searching for movies. You can download a list of all post headers from the newsgroup alt.binaries.movies.divx .. Or.. You can do what I have stumbled on lately..

  1. Do a search for a movie title via the binsearch service, which rawks.
  2. Select with a check the collection you want, likely a 800+ meg one.
  3. Select to save .nzb file. This is a text file describing where the posting files reside.
  4. Open pan, select File -> Import NZB Files. Let the dowload proceed.

Ok, now you have a bunch of rar and par2 files… So what do we do with that?
Par2 files are so that if you have partial downloads, you can repair missing chunks and missing files.
The command is par2, from the par2cmdline project, you may be able to simply install this on ubuntu with the command;

apt-get install par2cmdline

A common command to check and possibly repair an archive you just downloaded is;

par2 r main-archive-parfilename.par2

And then you will have to extract your archive;

unrar x main-archive-rarfilename.rar

You will need the unrar utility. You can search on ubuntu/debian via; (as root);

apt-cache search unrar

Hope that helps.