Leo Charre Developer Resume


  • 8+ years software development, 5 years unix development
  • Six years Perl experience, including DBI, Image::Magick, Metadata
  • Ample SQL database experience with MySQL, SQLite.
  • Involved in the Perl community, perlmonks rank curate priest (in book of sants), prolific module author

Summary of Qualifications

(key words for HR searches)

Unix Administration
yum apt-get package management, X11, Nagios, cron, rsync, imagemagick, mplayer mencoder, pdftk, ocr tesseract, gocr, cvs, vim, mysqld, httpd, sshd, grep, ssh, ftp, scp
Perl, bash, shell scripting, gnu make, php, javascript
Web Development
Other Operating Systems: ms dos, ms windows (3.*, 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP)


Senior Programmer and Developer

Dyer & Associates PC, Kensington, MD

(2005 – 2010)

Dyer & Associates PC provides accounting and accounting outsourcing services for over 1000 unique corporate and individual clients.
In addition we outsource general IT services such as networking, web development, sofware development to select corporate clients.

  • Developed the client portal. Client and document management and archiving, client portal, and remote access control system.
  • Automatic filesystem hierarchy via filename metadata system. This manages a document repository of over 30 gigabytes of documentation that change at any moment.
  • Maintenance of client servers and web applications with company software
  • Responsible for all aspects of the software development life cycle. Spec, documentation, testing, deployment, distribution, version control, bug tracking, coding standards for ten large projects and over 200 small projects.
  • Developed document archive indexing system with self adaptive gui (the interface is generated by examining the metadata available).

Entry Level Programmer and Web Developer

Internet Connection, Easton MD

(2003 – 2005)

Internet Connection provides web hosting and design services for over 500 unique clients.

  • Developed and maintained close to 100 different website and web application projects for clients.
  • Lead successful SEO campaign for company websites.
  • Developed website content management system that seamlessly integrates with any existing website.

Web Developer


(2001 – 2003)

I spent this time doing web sites and web applications for a variety of musicians, artists, and small businesses.

Video game graphics and 3d artist

THQ Helixe Studios, Sommerville, MA


  • Worked on graphics for some of the first games for the gameboy advance.
  • Conformed to severe palette and size restrictions.

Lead concept artist and 3d artist

THQ GameFX Studios, Sommerville, MA


  • Hired as lead concept artist for ‘Wellspring’ “Leo, we need a monster with 3 heads, five tails that end in snake heads, in garb reminiscent of Japan Edo Period, how soon can you have it?”
  • Spent long hours nitpicking 3d models to lower polygon count for platform restrictions. Used 3d Studio Max, Maya, etc.
  • Designed and maintained company website.
  • Dropped out of college to accept this job.

Open Source

(selected distributions)

All my distributions are under revision control, contain changes, test suites, and extensive documentation.


  • Perl API to rpc calls to wordpress blogs.


  • Perl API to ease extraction of text from pdf documents that may simply be scans of hard copy.
  • A series of dependency modules were developed to make this project possible; PDF::GetImages, PDF::Burst, Image::OCR::Tesseract.


  • File metadata against md5sum accross networks.
  • Files can change name, path, partition, and metadata can still be tracked.