Ten Minute Portraits

I’ve been doing ten minute portraits since 2014. My preferred materials are a mix of charcoal, conte crayon, and pastels. These materials allow a wide range of line and tone unavailable in other media in the time allotted. I choose to limit to ten minutes because although I’ve never sat for painting or drawing, I find the task of the subject monotonous, so I want to limit their time as much as possible.

I prefer to do portraits in public, busy places- such as bars, restaurants, and public events. The quickness also helps to keep the pace of the atmosphere- I don’t want to be a distraction to the fun that people are having. I want the subject to walk away with something that

You go into a bar, have a beer- and there’s this strange figure in a corner of the room cranking out ‘portraits’, so you think it’s a cartoon, and won’t that be fun. In a shorter time than it takes to smoke your cigarette- your portrait is finished, put in a protective sleeve for you to take home. Maybe you drank too much and forgot about it- but a day or two later you find it in your kitchen or under a newspaper- and take a second look. Years down the road the thing is still there- and your children will have it one day. And your children’s children- because I use quality materials that are stable and last forever.



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